Sometimes in life you look around and wonder, WTF is actually going on in the world.  But before Trump became a presidential candidate and back in the days when phones were just phones, life was simpler. And nothing embodies these simpler times quite like the outfits worn by the cast of The Hills. 

For six glorious seasons we watched Lauren, Heidi, Audrina, Lo and Whitney make it and break it in the city of angels. And between the heartache, scripted drama and unfulfilled Paris trips (she really will always be that girl who didn’t go to Paris) there were: the outfits. And boy were they good. So come with us as we travel back in time to the golden years between 2006-2010 - from Audrina’s pre-Missguided cut out swimming costumes (she really was a decade ahead of her time) to Lauren’s incorrigible use of headbands, those really were the days…. 

Before ombre and platforms there were ringlets and strappy heels

The girls went for snazzy metallics and draped tulle for this season premiere of The Hills. Lauren, as per, shows a penchant for curls that even Jane Austen would be jealous of and Whitney reminds us that before she moved to New York she really didn’t like fashion and instead enjoyed dressing up as a ladybird. 

When Lauren wore a panama hat and Whitney wore we don't even know what

The end of Season 3 was a real turning point for the girls and their style. This is the last time you’ll ever see Whitney Port try to pull of a hoody and tight cut off shorts and its certainly the last time you’ll see Lauren try and pull off a black shirt and a panama hat that no one ever has pulled off. Maybe MTV gave them a pay rise or something.

Can we talk about LC’s headbands though

And the pearls…  This must be when Lauren started out at Teen Vogue. We can tell by the super enthusiastic manner in which she’s conducting herself which is indicative of how she always conducted herself in the workplace. Or maybe this is when she’s realised she will always be the girl who turned down a Teen Vogue internship to hang out with her boyfriend. 

And then there was Stephanie Pratt: the prequel

Before she started causing trouble in Chelsea Stephanie Pratt was busy wearing pink animal prints and spending hours ironing her hair. In other hair news this is also the point when LC and Whitney swapped their hand held curlers for the full on LA blowdry and hairdressers everywhere rejoiced as the female population of the western world followed suit.

Whit you are our everything

Whitney actually has a post on her blog where she looks back at all her dodgy fashion moments on The Hills, but weirdly this one doesn’t feature... 

The Not Properly Famous Yet red carpet look

When you’re famous enough for Perez Hilton to write about but not famous enough for stylists… 

When Heidi couldn't be bothered to dress up

We can’t imagine Heidi leaving the house dressed like this now but for a while the unkempt am-I-still-in-my-pyjamas-you’ll-never-know thing was totally her jam. Who needs skin tight dresses and boob jobs when you have grey woolly jumpers and knee high boots? No one, that's who.