BEAUTIFUL folk all over the world are back on the blue eye makeup bandwagon.

And while it’s easy for supermodels and celebs to pull of pretty much any look they want, for the average punter it’s sometimes hard to be ‘on trend’ without looking ... well ... deranged.

So we went and spoke to Janelle, one of the head makeup artists at Mecca Cosmetica, to find out how to pull it off.

Here’s the key takeaway point: If you don’t really know what you’re doing, for the love of god, go simple.

Frankly, if you’re not particularly good at blending eyeshadows, a full on bold blue look may not be for you. So Janelle suggests you keep it simple with a winged eyeliner.

The best product we’ve found for ham-fisted ladies who are new to the liquid eyeliner is the Stila Stay All Day liquid liner. It has a precise nib and the product doesn’t budge once it dries.

But if you are more handy with a makeup brush and you want to go for a bolder look, Janelle recommends you get your hands on this new palette (it’s actually not a bad purchase as there are also some great neutral colours that will be handy for the times you’re not wanting to go so bold).

That excellent dark blue colour down the bottom there can be used either wet or dry (so you can use with a liner brush for a line, or use it dry with a bigger brush as a shadow).

This is basically adhering to the smoky eye look, but using that deep blue as your accent colour and making sure you blend it like there’s no tomorrow (otherwise you end up looking like you’ve been playing football and you’ve been smashed in the face).

Rather than trying to explain how to execute a smoky eye, let’s go to the tapes.

This particular tutorial has over 9 million views on YouTube because it’s very very good.

This one is using the Tarte products, which are available at Sephora.